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If you need quality service for landlord / tenant legal disputes, you need me, Dennis R. Carrithers, Attorney at Law. I am committed to providing professional and efficient representation to clients regarding landlord tenant disputes. My clients have included small and large commercial property owners and residential property owners, including corporate leasing companies, residential management companies, individual owners of multiple properties, and individual tenants. If you want an experienced landlord tenant lawyer, contact my office, for a free initial consultation. I have been advising clients since 1976, I am familiar with the latest landlord tenant legislative and court rulings, and I teach seminars on landlord tenant law.

My main landlord tenant dispute cases tend to focus on tenant eviction notice. Other areas include:

Lease Agreement / Rental Agreement: Writing and reviewing agreements for commercial and residential property owners.

Breach of Contract / Lease: Advising clients on legal remedies to recover rent owed, proper withholding of a damage deposit, and how to terminate tenancy in commercial and residential real estate. This includes how to legally deal with tenants who have vacated a premises without proper notice or no notice, and have left personal property in the residence or commercial space.

Eviction: Contact me for advice on proper eviction procedures that arise from instances such as non-payment of rent.

Evicted Tenants: I represent tenants who have been given improper notice of eviction or improper termination of a lease or rental agreement.

My goal when assisting commercial property owners is to write a comprehensive and effective lease or rental agreement.

My goal when assisting residential property owners is to advise on the best legal practices for managing a residential apartment or town home community and for administering the regulations affecting tenants.

Over 25 Years Experience Handling Real Estate Matters (Titles, Sales, Landlord-Tenant, Evictions, Etc.) Contact my office . 502-456-1790.

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