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A sudden illness, medical bill, job loss, or other factor has caused significant upset to your financial status. Managing routine bills seems impossible, let alone the overdue bills that keep piling up. Then, you receive the dreaded notice of foreclosure. It is a situation you never expected to be in. Yet, things have somehow gotten out of control and it seems there is no relief ahead – until now.

I am bankruptcy lawyer, Dennis R. Carrithers. With over 25 years of bankruptcy law experience, I know how to get clients the help they need. I answer their questions about bankruptcy law. With my honest and informative legal counsel, clients are capable of making effective decisions about whether bankruptcy is right for them. Contact me for a free initial consultation with an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney.

What Can A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Do For Debtors?

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can lift a significant burden off of debtors in Kentucky. A successful Chapter 13 bankruptcy can:

  • Put an end to wage garnishments
  • Prevent foreclosure/stop foreclosure
  • Preserve equity in your home
  • Enable you to catch up on mortgage payments
  • Discharge a small percentage of your debt
  • Reorganize your debt into a manageable repayment plan
  • Enable you to have one monthly payment rather than multiple payments to different creditors
  • Help you get back in control of your finances

Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debt is consolidated/reorganized into a debt repayment plan. Once the plan is approved by the bankruptcy court, you will make one monthly payment to a bankruptcy trustee who will then disburse payments to your creditors. Most repayment plans last for three to five years. The repayment plan also may include overdue mortgage payments – enabling you to keep your home and equity in your home while you regain control of your finances.

To learn more about your bankruptcy options, or to discuss your current financial situation, contact my Louisville law office and schedule a confidential consultation.

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